Dark Matter Asteroids
S2 Dark Matter
Max Mass 20
Min Mass 2
Next Stage Small Dark Matter Planet
Shield N/A
Evolution Time N/A
Life N/A
Max Planets N/A

Dark Matter Edit

To unlock Dark Matter Mode, defeat The Entity.

Dark Matter Mode is accessed in the God Options menu.

Dark matter objects Edit

These dark matter asteroids can't absorb normal ones, only other dark matter.

These are similar to normal asteroids, but they will spawn a black hole if destroyed by anything. Nomad ships are very prone to causing this.

Exactly the same as a Small planet, but if destroyed, a black hole will appear.

A much more dangerous Life Planet that spawns a black hole upon being destroyed. Ships from different Life Planets can target weaker planets and cause chaos.

Not much difference between a normal Star and a Dark Matter Star. However, Dark Matter Stars will spawn a black hole if destroyed. Dark Matter Neutron Stars are even more fragile.