Medium Starship
S2 Medium Starship
Kills Needed 6
Build Time 5 Seconds
Weapon Type Missiles
Movement Speed Medium
Defence Medium
Attack Power High

Medium Starship


These ships are great for support. They deal massive damage to unshielded planets, making them great for dealing with unshielded life planets. Their only form of attack is their very powerful Missiles. These rockets excel at clearing patches of asteroids or even planets.

They do deal a large amount of damage to shields aswell, but the Large Starships are better for taking out the shields. Despite this, the rockets have a massive downside to their power; the explosions can destroy your ships if they get in the way, so be careful!

Make sure you have some of these ships, their support is a necessity. Especially if you want to deal with the Large Starships easily.


These ships have low health, only just a little higher than the Small Starships .

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